TextPath Class

Representation of a file system path.
public sealed class TextPath : IRenderable, IHasJustification


Initializes a new instance of the TextPath class.


Justify? Justification
Gets or sets the alignment.
Style LeafStyle
Gets or sets the leaf style.
Style RootStyle
Gets or sets the root style.
Style SeparatorStyle
Gets or sets the separator style.
Style StemStyle
Gets or sets the stem style.


Measurement Measure(RenderOptions, int)
Measures the renderable object.
IEnumerable<Segment> Render(RenderOptions, int)
Renders the object.

Extension Methods

T Centered<TextPath>()
Sets the IHasJustification object to be centered.
IEnumerable<Segment> GetSegments(IAnsiConsole)
Gets the segments for a renderable using the specified console.
T Justify<TextPath>(Justify?)
Sets the justification for an IHasJustification object.
TextPath LeafColor(Color)
Sets the leaf color.
TextPath LeafStyle(Style)
Sets the leaf style.
T LeftJustified<TextPath>()
Sets the IHasJustification object to be left justified.
T RightJustified<TextPath>()
Sets the IHasJustification object to be right justified.
TextPath RootColor(Color)
Sets the root color.
TextPath RootStyle(Style)
Sets the root style.
TextPath SeparatorColor(Color)
Sets the separator color.
TextPath SeparatorStyle(Style)
Sets the separator style.
TextPath StemColor(Color)
Sets the stem color.
TextPath StemStyle(Style)
Sets the stem style.