LiveDisplay Class

Represents a live display.
public sealed class LiveDisplay


LiveDisplay(IAnsiConsole, IRenderable)
Initializes a new instance of the LiveDisplay class.


bool AutoClear
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not the live display should be cleared when it's done. Defaults to false.
VerticalOverflowCropping Cropping
Gets or sets the vertical overflow cropping strategy.
VerticalOverflow Overflow
Gets or sets the vertical overflow strategy.


void Start(Action<LiveDisplayContext>)
Starts the live display.
T Start<T>(Func<LiveDisplayContext, T>)
Starts the live display.
Task StartAsync(Func<LiveDisplayContext, Task>)
Starts the live display.
Task<T> StartAsync<T>(Func<LiveDisplayContext, Task<T>>)
Starts the live display.

Extension Methods

LiveDisplay AutoClear(bool)
Sets whether or not auto clear is enabled. If enabled, the live display will be cleared when done.
LiveDisplay Cropping(VerticalOverflowCropping)
Sets the vertical overflow cropping strategy.
LiveDisplay Overflow(VerticalOverflow)
Sets the vertical overflow strategy.