Migrate from Spectre.Cli

The functionality in Spectre.Cli has been moved into the Spectre.Console library. If you're using Spectre.Cli, you will need to migrate to ensure that you get updates or fixes.

1. Remove Spectre.Cli NuGet package

Start with removing the Spectre.Cli package reference from your project(s).

> dotnet remove package Spectre.Cli

2. Add Spectre.Console NuGet package

Add the Spectre.Console NuGet package to your project(s).

> dotnet add package Spectre.Console

3. Change using statements

Change all using statements from Spectre.Cli to Spectre.Console.Cli.

- using Spectre.Cli;
+ using Spectre.Console.Cli;

Breaking Changes

In the process of moving Spectre.Cli, there have been some minor breaking changes.

Spectre.Cli.Exceptions namespace moved

All exceptions have been moved from the Spectre.Cli.Exceptions namespace to the Spectre.Console.Cli namespace.

- using Spectre.Cli.Exceptions;
+ using Spectre.Console.Cli;