The SelectionPrompt can be used when you want the user to select a single item from a provided list.

Using prompts inside status or progress displays, are not supported.


// Ask for the user's favorite fruit
var fruit = AnsiConsole.Prompt(
    new SelectionPrompt<string>()
        .Title("What's your [green]favorite fruit[/]?")
        .MoreChoicesText("[grey](Move up and down to reveal more fruits)[/]")
        .AddChoices(new[] {
            "Apple", "Apricot", "Avocado", 
            "Banana", "Blackcurrant", "Blueberry",
            "Cherry", "Cloudberry", "Cocunut",

// Echo the fruit back to the terminal
AnsiConsole.WriteLine($"I agree. {fruit} is tasty!");