Exceptions aren't always readable when viewed in the terminal.
You can make exception a bit more readable by using the WriteException method.


Shortening parts

You can also shorten specific parts of the exception to make it even more readable, and make paths clickable hyperlinks. Whether or not the hyperlinks are clickable is up to the terminal.

    ExceptionFormats.ShortenPaths | ExceptionFormats.ShortenTypes |
    ExceptionFormats.ShortenMethods | ExceptionFormats.ShowLinks);

Customizing exception output

In addition to shorten specific part of the exception, you can also override the default styling.

AnsiConsole.WriteException(ex, new ExceptionSettings
    Format = ExceptionFormats.ShortenEverything | ExceptionFormats.ShowLinks,
    Style = new ExceptionStyle
        Exception = new Style().Foreground(Color.Grey),
        Message = new Style().Foreground(Color.White),
        NonEmphasized = new Style().Foreground(Color.Cornsilk1),
        Parenthesis = new Style().Foreground(Color.Cornsilk1),
        Method = new Style().Foreground(Color.Red),
        ParameterName = new Style().Foreground(Color.Cornsilk1),
        ParameterType = new Style().Foreground(Color.Red),
        Path = new Style().Foreground(Color.Red),
        LineNumber = new Style().Foreground(Color.Cornsilk1),