CanvasImageExtensions Class

Contains extension methods for CanvasImage.
public static class CanvasImageExtensions


static CanvasImage BicubicResampler(CanvasImage)
Uses a bicubic sampler that implements the bicubic kernel algorithm W(x).
static CanvasImage BilinearResampler(CanvasImage)
Uses a bilinear sampler. This interpolation algorithm can be used where perfect image transformation with pixel matching is impossible, so that one can calculate and assign appropriate intensity values to pixels.
static CanvasImage MaxWidth(CanvasImage, int?)
Sets the maximum width of the rendered image.
static CanvasImage Mutate(CanvasImage, Action<IImageProcessingContext>)
Mutates the underlying image.
static CanvasImage NearestNeighborResampler(CanvasImage)
Uses a Nearest-Neighbour sampler that implements the nearest neighbor algorithm. This uses a very fast, unscaled filter which will select the closest pixel to the new pixels position.
static CanvasImage NoMaxWidth(CanvasImage)
Disables the maximum width of the rendered image.
static CanvasImage PixelWidth(CanvasImage, int)
Sets the pixel width.