Columns Class

Renders things in columns.
public sealed class Columns : Renderable, IRenderable, IPaddable, IExpandable
Base Types


Initializes a new instance of the Columns class.
Initializes a new instance of the Columns class.
Initializes a new instance of the Columns class.


bool Expand
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not the columns should expand to the available space. If false, the column width will be auto calculated. Defaults to true.
Padding? Padding
Gets or sets the padding.


protected override Measurement Measure(RenderOptions, int)
Measures the renderable object.
protected override IEnumerable<Segment> Render(RenderOptions, int)
Renders the object.

Extension Methods

T Collapse<Columns>()
Tells the specified object to not expand to the available area but take as little space as possible.
T Expand<Columns>()
Tells the specified object to expand to the available area.
IEnumerable<Segment> GetSegments(IAnsiConsole)
Gets the segments for a renderable using the specified console.
T PadBottom<Columns>(int)
Sets the bottom padding.
T Padding<Columns>(int, int, int, int)
Sets the left, top, right and bottom padding.
T Padding<Columns>(int, int)
Sets the horizontal and vertical padding.
T Padding<Columns>(Padding)
Sets the padding.
T PadLeft<Columns>(int)
Sets the left padding.
T PadRight<Columns>(int)
Sets the right padding.
T PadTop<Columns>(int)
Sets the top padding.