GridColumn Class

Represents a grid column.
public sealed class GridColumn : IColumn, IAlignable, IPaddable, IHasDirtyState


Justify? Alignment
Gets or sets the alignment of the column.
bool NoWrap
Gets or sets a value indicating whether wrapping of text within the column should be prevented.
Padding? Padding
Gets or sets the padding of the column. Vertical padding (top and bottom) is ignored.
int? Width
Gets or sets the width of the column. If null, the column will adapt to its contents.

Extension Methods

T Alignment<GridColumn>(Justify?)
Sets the alignment for an IAlignable object.
T Centered<GridColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be centered.
T LeftAligned<GridColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be left aligned.
T NoWrap<GridColumn>()
Prevents a column from wrapping.
T PadBottom<GridColumn>(int)
Sets the bottom padding.
T Padding<GridColumn>(int, int, int, int)
Sets the left, top, right and bottom padding.
T Padding<GridColumn>(int, int)
Sets the horizontal and vertical padding.
T Padding<GridColumn>(Padding)
Sets the padding.
T PadLeft<GridColumn>(int)
Sets the left padding.
T PadRight<GridColumn>(int)
Sets the right padding.
T PadTop<GridColumn>(int)
Sets the top padding.
T RightAligned<GridColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be right aligned.
T Width<GridColumn>(int?)
Sets the width of the column.