IColumn Interface

Represents a column.
public interface IColumn : IAlignable, IPaddable
Implementing Types


abstract bool NoWrap
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not wrapping should be prevented.
abstract int? Width
Gets or sets the width of the column.

Extension Methods

T Alignment<IColumn>(Justify?)
Sets the alignment for an IAlignable object.
T Centered<IColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be centered.
T LeftAligned<IColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be left aligned.
T NoWrap<IColumn>()
Prevents a column from wrapping.
T PadBottom<IColumn>(int)
Sets the bottom padding.
T Padding<IColumn>(int, int, int, int)
Sets the left, top, right and bottom padding.
T Padding<IColumn>(int, int)
Sets the horizontal and vertical padding.
T Padding<IColumn>(Padding)
Sets the padding.
T PadLeft<IColumn>(int)
Sets the left padding.
T PadRight<IColumn>(int)
Sets the right padding.
T PadTop<IColumn>(int)
Sets the top padding.
T RightAligned<IColumn>()
Sets the IAlignable object to be right aligned.
T Width<IColumn>(int?)
Sets the width of the column.