IHasTableBorder Interface

Represents something that has a border.
public interface IHasTableBorder : IHasBorder
Implementing Types


abstract TableBorder Border
Gets or sets the border.

Extension Methods

T Ascii2Border<IHasTableBorder>()
Display another ASCII border.
T AsciiBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display an ASCII border.
T AsciiDoubleHeadBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display an ASCII border with a double header border.
T BorderColor<IHasTableBorder>(Color)
Sets the border color.
T BorderStyle<IHasTableBorder>(Style)
Sets the border style.
T DoubleBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a double border.
T DoubleEdgeBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a border with a double edge.
T HeavyBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a heavy border.
T HeavyEdgeBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a border with a heavy edge.
T HeavyHeadBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a border with a heavy header.
T HorizontalBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a simple border.
T MarkdownBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a markdown border.
T MinimalBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a minimal border.
T MinimalDoubleHeadBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a minimal border with a double header border.
T MinimalHeavyHeadBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a minimal border with a heavy head.
T NoBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Do not display a border.
T NoSafeBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Disables the safe border.
T RoundedBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a rounded border.
T SafeBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Enables the safe border.
T SimpleBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a simple border.
T SimpleHeavyBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a simple border with heavy lines.
T SquareBorder<IHasTableBorder>()
Display a square border.