Status Class

Represents a status display.
public sealed class Status


Initializes a new instance of the Status class.


bool AutoRefresh
Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not status should auto refresh. Defaults to true.
Spinner Spinner
Gets or sets the spinner.
Style SpinnerStyle
Gets or sets the spinner style.


void Start(string, Action<StatusContext>)
Starts a new status display.
T Start<T>(string, Func<StatusContext, T>)
Starts a new status display.
Task StartAsync(string, Func<StatusContext, Task>)
Starts a new status display.
Task<T> StartAsync<T>(string, Func<StatusContext, Task<T>>)
Starts a new status display and returns a result.

Extension Methods

Status AutoRefresh(bool)
Sets whether or not auto refresh is enabled. If disabled, you will manually have to refresh the progress.
Status Spinner(Spinner)
Sets the spinner.
Status SpinnerStyle(Style)
Sets the spinner style.