Spectre.Console 0.45 released!

Posted Saturday, September 10, 2022 to Release Notes

Version 0.45 of Spectre.Console has been released!

There are some big changes with this release, which you can read all about below.

Spectre.Console.Cli Moved

All CLI parsing-related functionality has been moved to its own NuGet package: Spectre.Console.Cli.

The reasoning for this is that we want to play better with other CLI parsing libraries without the confusion of having two libraries for CLI handling intermixed.

We're sorry for breaking things like this, but we're sure it's the best decision moving forward.

.NET5 Support Dropped

This version has dropped .NET5 support, which has reached EOL.

New Contributors

What's Changed

  • Move Spectre.Console.Cli to its own package by @patriksvensson in #827
  • Remove the 'net50' TFM by @patriksvensson in #877
  • Corrected section heading in Status by @drewnoakes in #781
  • Upgrade dotnet example tool to 1.6.0 by @leo-costa in #782
  • Fix documentation workflow by @patriksvensson in #799
  • Fix missing API reference pages for Spectre.Console.Cli by @ivml in #834
  • Fix the "Escaping Interpolated Strings" documentation by @0xced in #837
  • Check for null in TextPrompt by @danielchalmers in #850
  • Fix ArgumentNullException on .NET Framework by @nils-a in #923
  • Add command description to command help message by @nkochnev in #920
  • Fix missing call to Validate when using CommandConstructorBinde by @nils-a in #924
  • Modified MarkupTokenizer, so that escaped markup inside markup is valid by @nils-a in #911
  • Detect non-interactive console via Console.IsInputRedirected instead of Environment.UserInteractive by @bastianeicher in #824
  • Set the DevelopmentDependency flag on the Spectre.Console.Analyzer project by @0xced in #950