Spectre.Console 0.47 released!

Posted Friday, May 19, 2023 to Release Notes

Version 0.47 of Spectre.Console has been released!

There are a lot of fixes and improvements in this release, the most noteworthy changes being support for the Alacritty terminal and continued improvements to command line parsing.

Thank you to all contributers.

New Contributors

What's Changed

Command line updates

  • Add possibility to set description and/or data for the default command by @0xced in #1091
  • Add support for converting command parameters into FileInfo and DirectoryInfo by @0xced in #1145
  • Add support for arrays in [DefaultValue] attributes by @0xced in #1164
  • Add ability to pass example args using params syntax by @seclerp in #1166
  • Alias for branches by @ilyahryapko in #1131
  • Command line improvements by @FrankRay78 in #1103

Documentation updates